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About AJ


AJ Diaz

Motivational Speaker

T: 516.319.1135


AJ had his last drink/drug on March 3rd 2015. He went into college a two-sport recruit and left completely addicted to drugs and alcohol. The sports, friendships, and family relationships that had been the cornerstone throughout his life had taken a back seat to his addiction.


AJ’s addiction completely took over his life. Unable to keep jobs, he tried to get sober at an outpatient treatment center in 2013. Unfortunately, AJ’s addiction was not done with him and he continued to spiral for another two years. It wasn’t until AJ hit his rock bottom and entered into a treatment program with the support of his family in 2015.


Staying in treatment for over a year, AJ was able to put together his life with his sobriety as his foundation. As he continued to work on himself, friends, family and opportunities became abundant in his life. One of those opportunities was the chance to share his message with other young people going through the same struggle as him. After being sober for a year and a half, AJ entered into the field of social work and began working at a sober living facility where he found his calling in life – to help others struggling with addiction.


Currently, AJ is a student at NYU’s Masters of Social Work program and on his off-time, brings his message to hundreds of students in the Long Island area. His goal is simple – end the stigma of addiction and promote the healthy communication of how we as humans feel. Helping others is his primary purpose.

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