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"my mission is simple: end the stigma of addiction and promote the healthy communication of how we as humans feel."

What AJ Does

What AJ does.

AJ travels to schools, businesses, youth centers, and more to share his harrowing story of addiction and subsequent recovery with youth. Through an open and honest dialogue, AJ hopes to stress the importance of communication to young adults with their respective family members, peers, teachers and coaches. 

I have learned a tremendous amount about the importance of communication between parent and child and among friends navigating a challenging world.  AJ’s story of alcohol and opiate abuse as a high school and college athlete, growth through recovery and therapy, and knowledge from working in a sober home and studying to be a MSW make him incredibly impactful.   I am inspired and grateful for his commitment to helping those still struggling and preventing other families from experiencing pain and loss.


Jennifer DeSena, Executive Director

Manhasset Coalition Against Substance abuse


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